Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Advantages of Material Handling:

The following are the benefits of scientific material handling:
Reduction in labor cost:
The labor cost is reduced greatly as loading and unloading of materials becomes easier.
A proper system of material handling after loading and unloading of material reduces the labor cost.

Transportation cost reducedImproved material handling eliminates unnecessary movement of materials which reduces transportation cost.
Much Safer and Less Number of accidents:
Due to minimum manual labor the chances of work related accidents is minimised
Reduction of investment in equipments:
An efficient material handling system ensures standardization  of equipments. This results reduction in cost of operation, repair maintenance and storage cost etc.
Better working conditions:
Scientific material handling provides better lay out of the store which results better working condition for the employees. It increases the productivity of the organization.
Job satisfaction:
Worker may be satisfied as the materials handed over scientifically. It leads to less tiring and leads to greater job satisfaction.
Better customer service:
Material handling ensures timely production by reducing cost and providing qualitative product to the ultimate consumers.
Conveyor Manufacturer
Smooth flow of materials:
The materials are quickly transported from one place to the other through the process of scientific material handling.
Increases profit:
Due to less employment of human labor, better working condition and high level of job satisfaction among workers the profits in business increases.

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